Residential Sealcoat & Colorcoat in Deerfield,IL

Sealcoating Job Description

Job Date:  8/20/15


  • Sweep and clean existing surface free of dirt and debris.
  • Color coat the existing StreetPrint surface with the appropriate surfacing system best suited for this particular installation.


  • Edge grass from driveway
  • Blow off rocks and debris
  • Burn and prime oil spots where necessary
  • Fill major cracks with thick towel grade crackfiller (Not “Spider Web” cracks or crumbling areas)
  • Neatly “Brush Apply” 1 coat of Sealer
  • Our sealer is Cold Tar Free and Environmentally Friendly.
  • We also have silica sand evenly mixed in the sealer compliant to government regulation RP-355 & manufacturer’s mix design.

If you need color & sealcoating in Deerfield, IL,  contact Kaplan Paving at 1.847.949.1500 for your exact price.

Job Location

740 Westgate Rd
Deerfield, Illinois 60015

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