Kaplan Paving is a proud supplier of COLORPAVE™ in Illinois and Wisconsin. Bring color to asphalt surfaces including: Driveways, Parking Lots, Jogging/Bike Paths, Walkways, and more.

Uses – ColorPave can be used on Asphalt, Stamped Asphalt, and existing acrylic surfaces. Decorative asphalt areas that were previously color coated with an acrylic-based coating can be resurfaced with ColorPave. ColorPave on should not be used on previously sealcoated areas where Coal Tar and non-acrylic formulas were used.  ColorPave Neutral Concentrate is mixed with ColorPlus Pigment Dispersion, water, and sand to produce an asphalt color coating material.

ColorPlus Colors Available:

* Colors may vary slightly from actual product.