Commercial & Residential Asphalt Paving

Established in 1979, Kaplan Paving is the Northern Chicagoland’s leader in commercial and residential asphalt paving service

We provide durable, attractive asphalt paving solutions for Residential and Commercial customers. Kaplan Paving sets the standard for exceptional service and precision paving. Combining professionalism and experience to deliver customized, durable paving products that last for a lifetime. Kaplan meets your project requirements on time, on budget and with the quality you’ve come to expect from the best.

Since 1979, our Libertyville, IL company has delivered premium paving services with a focus on your exact project requirements with paving expertise and business success that’s passed down from one generation to the next. Centered around Lake County, IL and Cook County, IL serving residential, commercial and industrial properties, our qualified team treats every customer professionally and every project like it was our own home or business. In addition, our staff members are fully certified, placing a priority on professional development and updated industry training.

At Kaplan, our decades of experience have exposed us to every possible paving project, from walls and driveways to large-scale commercial applications like asphalt milling, sidewalks and seal coating. When the unforeseen arises, our trained staff handles it promptly without missing a beat, and our work is guaranteed to stand the test of time. In addition to turnkey projects, our qualified personnel conduct all facets of preventative maintenance and repair work, adhering to the highest quality standards for every project.


Kaplan paving is the driveway expert.  Whether you are building a new house or replacing an existing driveway, the Kaplan Paving team can help you design a custom asphalt solution that best fits your needs and compliments the beauty of your home.  With almost  40 years in the business, Kaplan Paving knows how to handle virtually any paving project. Here are a few key services we are proud to provide:

  • Remove and replacement
  • Overlays
  • New area excavation
  • Unilock Brick borders
  • Chip and Seal
  • Stamped decorative asphalt
  • Sport courts
  • Culvert replacement
  • Drainage solutions


If a parking lot has not been properly maintained, serious issues are likely to arise, including diminished appearance, deep cracks, fractures and pot holes, puddling, crumbling, drainage issues, water damage and damaged sub-base material. Sometimes the most effective course of action is to remove and replace a deteriorated surface rather than attempt to repair it.

Kaplan Paving has the experience to offer remove and replacement services which include:

  • Removal of failed asphalt to proper depth
  • Regrade sub-base for proper drainage
  • Compact sub-base
  • Apply tack coat if required
  • Lay new hot mix asphalt in multiple lifts to ensure stability
  • Compact asphalt with vibratory rollers

Kaplan paving also offers Milling and Patching services. The condition and type of asphalt as well as volume of traffic are factors that will determine the repair.  The milling process can be used before the asphalt has become too worn. We mill off the top layer, usually 2 inches and re- apply a new surface layer of hot mix asphalt.

The patching process handles failed areas in a more targeted manner:

  • Failed/ broken asphalt is identified
  • Areas are sawcut and removed
  • Failed sub-base is removed and replaced
  • Sub-base is compacted
  • New hot mix asphalt is installed in multiple lifts to ensure proper stability

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